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Lost/Stolen Cards

What do I do if I lose my Eagle Card?

Login to your  and select “Card Services” then click “Deactivate Card.” Once deactivated, your card will no longer work for your Dining Plan or EagleXpress. You may reactivate your card using this same method.

You may also call the Eagle Card Center at (912) 478-5311 (M-F 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.).

What’s the cost of a new Eagle Card?

Replacement cards cost $20 for students. If your card is broken or damaged, so long as you bring in the pieces, then it is half of the regular price. Please speak with an ECS representative for more information.

What if I find my lost Eagle Card?

Keep it! Only one card is active at a time, so put your old card somewhere safe as it is not usable until its reactivated. If you ever lose another card, you can always bring the old card back to us and we’ll reactivate it. This prevents you from having to purchase a new card.

What about my door access? Will it still be the same?

If you are living in a Residence hall, you will also need to report the lost card to . Your door access takes 15 minutes to update after making your new card. If you are on the Statesboro Campus and your door access is facilities-based, then you will need to submit an to have your door access updated. If you are on the Armstrong Campus, your access will be updated at the time of your replacement card activation. 

Last updated: 5/27/2022